Pre-Sea Short – Term Course

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Eligibility :Pass10th/12th/above

Age : 17 to 25yr(medically fit)

Vision:No color blindness, (+) or (-) 2.5 vision allowed

Duration of Training :The duration of this residential course is 1 Months.


Course Outline: Introduction to shipping industry, familiarization with deck & engine department of the ship, maintenance & operation of ship machineries, welding techniques, introduction to welding & gas cutting, shielded metal arc welding, navigation, life saving appliances, survival at sea, swimming, personality development, English & computer etc.

Certificates provided: After successful completion of the training, the STCW course certificate will be issued by the academy approved by director general of shipping, ministry of surface and transport govt. of india . In addition to that candidate will be awarded with I NDOS & foreign CDC (Continue discharge certificate).

Career prospects: The candidate after completion of pre-sea training course has to sail or undergo on-board training for a minimum period of 18 months or more. A competent person can rise to the level of master mariner on board a merchant ship after required sea time and passing various exam.

After further sea experience & passing exam, Chief engineer or Officer [Sal: 3000$-500

Further sea experience & passing exam,3rd engineer or officer [Sal: 2500$-3000$]

After 36 months sea experience & passing exam, 3rd engineer or Officer [Sal: 15000$-2500$]

12 month sea experience, promoted in either deck or engine sideAs oiler or welder [Sal: 800$-1200$]

After training join as Technician OS/ TS [Sal: 250$-500$]