Pre-Sea Training (Technical)

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Eligibility :Pass10th/12th/above

Age : 17 to 25yr(medically fit)

Vision:No color blindness, (+) or (-) 2.5 vision allowed

Duration of Training : 4 Months. specialized course

PRE-SEA (Short-Term ):

The training duration 1 month of this course. During the Training/course candidate will be updated with the theoretical, practical & safety knowledge of merchant navy. Also candidate will receive knowledge of workshop practices, maintenance& operation of different machineries & equipment, familiarization with ship, survival at sea, general layout. Also candidate will undergo the training as required under the Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping (STCW-2010) convention & OIL TANKAR FAMILIARIZATION COURSE (O.T.F.C.).



  •   Introduction to shipping industry
  •  Theoretical & Practical of shipping practices
  •  Maintenance & Operation of machineries
  • Ship on board maintenance
  • Chart work
  •  Nautical terms
  •  Survival at sea
  •  Accident Investigation
  •  First aid at sea
  •  Personal safety
  •  Basic of computer
  • Spoken English
  •  Personality development
  •  Physical training
  •  Swimming
  •  Cadet (Deck/engine) Foundation Course
  • G.P. Rating (Deck/Engine Crew)

Career graph:-

With further sea experience & passing exam, one can rise up to the level of caption {Sal: 7000$-8000$}

After 36 months sea experience & passing 2nd mate exam, can be promoted as 2nd officer{Sa1:3000S-5000$}

Promoted as AB seaman / Boson in deck side or in Engine side {Sa1:800$4000$}

After successful completion of this training, candidate is eligible to join the ship Deck / Engine Crew f Sal: 400$-500$}